Achieving Goals through Structured Habits

Fotothek_df_n-10_0000828Rome was not built in a day. This adage is intended for people trying to achieve success overnight. It’s impossible.

This is the main reason why people lose interest toward their goals. They either set their goals too high or they believe that the goals can be achieved overnight or without bumps ahead. On the other hand, those who were able to reach their goals were those people who established attainable and realistic initial goals.

Tony Stubblebine, founder and CEO of LIFT (an app that allows you to set up goals and teaches you how to achieve them) offered his insights about the matter.  He shared his secrets about what makes people productive. He revealed that part of a good productive habit is all about the initial goal. This is what he said during the interview.

Starting with Small Goals

People who often lost track in their journey toward their goals are those people who have set their goals too high. Often, people believe that the goals will be met without any obstacles. This is implausible and this is where people usually begin to stumble.

One of the examples he gave is meditation. Some are able to meditate with ease while others are unable to finish a task of clearing one’s mind. Individuals who were able to meditate with ease were those who meditated 2 or 3 minutes a day. Those who were unable to perform well were those individuals who set meditation for at least 30 minutes.  The main difference is not the attitude toward the task but instead the size of the task. It’s easy to meditate for a few minutes. It is highly unattainable. Meditating for half an hour is hard and this is usually reserved to individuals who include meditation in their daily regimen.

Consistency in Achieving Goals

Success is also about being consistent. People who lost track in their goals are those people who failed to build a good routine. Achieving goals rely on your ability to remain consistent all throughout the journey. This is how people are able to up their ante because they are consistent with their actions. They are able to increase their goals because they increase their actions too. For example, people who are successful in gyms are those people who are consistent with their actions and attitude toward going to the gym.

Creating Structure by Scheduling12

Scheduling helps in attaining goals. That’s because if you schedule your actions toward your goals, you create guide that will help you stay on track. It also breaks down the entire action into something small and attainable.

Your Available Resources Help in Achieving the Goal

It is easier to attain goals if you have available resources or tools. If you have the tools, there’s no more excuse in not achieving your goals. For instance, when aiming for losing weight, gym equipment helps. You have more reason to start with the task of losing weight if you have these tools available.

Setting Priorities in the Morning

This is about creating a good habit. Remember that good habit is one of the secrets in achieving one’s goals. Setting priorities as soon as you wake up gets you in the mood. You are more productive if you have it all figure out early in the morning. Either you create a list mentally or you need to write it down in a piece of paper, it does not matter as long as you have priorities created at the beginning of the day. This kind of habit is what gets you inspired allowing you to do all stuff you have been meaning to do all this time.

If you want to achieve something, make sure that it is realistic and attainable. To make the journey much easier, break it down into small pieces (like the act of compartmentalizing) so it is much easier to attain. Of course, motivating yourself and coming up with a good attitude towards your goal help too.